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The 5th (XXX) National Congress of Endocrinologists «Innovative Technologies in Endocrinology» with international participation was held in Moscow from May 21 to 24, 2024, organized by the Russian Association of Endocrinologists and National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology, Federal State Budgetary Institution of the Russian Ministry of Health. Among the leading domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, the Medsintez Plant presented its key products at the booth—genetically engineered and analogue human insulins Rosinsulin. Medical specialists who visited the exhibition expressed gratitude to the company for the affordability and high quality of its products.

At the end of the last year, Novouralsk-based Medsintez Plant turned 20 years old. Alexander Petrov, Chairman of the plant's Board of Directors, told Regions of Russia about the impressive successes that the company has achieved over the years and its ambitious plans for the future.

In 2023, the Medsintez Plant, in collaboration with the Promomed Group of Companies, launched the production of a full cycle of hypoglycemic drugs Enligria (liraglutide) and Quincenta (semaglutide) used in treating type II diabetes mellitus, including in patients with obesity and overweight or cardiovascular disease. The preparations are available in the most convenient and familiar for patients dosage form – a disposable prefilled injection and have already been supplied to pharmacies.

Medsintez Plant LLC presented the latest biotechnological developments of pharmaceuticals at the largest international scientific and practical forum in the field of medicine and health care Russian Health Care Week — 2023 held from December 4 to December 8 in Moscow. The main purpose of the Forum is to facilitate the implementation of the national projects “Healthcare” and “Demography”, “Tourism and Hospitality Industry”, the federal project “Development of Medical Services Export”, as well as summarizing the results of the Year of Science and Technology in Medicine.

About Us

Nonprofit Partnership "Ural Biomedical Cluster" was founded in December 2010 as a comprehensive innovative project. Its difference from an industrial cluster is that, in addition to manufacturing facilities, there are research centers, laboratories for preclinical studies, educational structures and clinics successfully operating based on the Cluster.

Strategic goal of the Ural Biomedical Cluster is to form a high-tech complex of interconnected production and infrastructure facilities for development, production and sale of modern medicines, medical equipment and high- quality medical devices in the Urals region.

The global mission of the Ural Biomedical Cluster is a widespread increase in availability of advanced medical technologies in Russia.

Today, the Ural Biomedical Cluster includes over 30 companies.

Ural Biomedical Cluster Services:

Intellectual Property
Management Patent search, detection of patented technologies, patent landscape designing, intellectual property protection, legal support.



Project Management
Development and execution of a registration dossier, support, business planning, investor search, strategic planning.



Technology Transfer
Development and scaling of original formulations for pharmaceutical products and drugs, existing technologies transfer to a specific site (localization of production).



Human Resources
Personnel training upon request: master's degree, residency, advanced training courses, internships at the enterprises of the Cluster and partners.



Contract Manufacturing
Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices to order.



Related Services
Provision of office, laboratory and production premises, logistics services.




Articles of Association dated 24/9/2012